Swamp People Season 13 Release Date On History 2022

Swamp People Season 13 release date 2022/2023? Swamp People TV series cancelled or renewed for Season 13 on History? When does History show Swamp People Season 13 premiere? We have all the rumors and official announcements for Swamp People Season 13 premiere date.

Has Swamp People Season 13 been cancelled or renewed? When does Swamp People return in 2022/2023? Swamp People? We have the very latest Swamp People cancel/renewal status and Swamp People premiere date:

Swamp People Premiere Date/Status

Swamp People SEASON 13 Renewed On History

Swamp People Season 13 ReleaseJanuary 27, 2022

Swamp People TV Series Information

In the bayous and swamplands of America’s southern heartland dwell a group of people that exist on the fringes of society. Their distinct culture has roots in the early days of America’s expansion westward. The descendants of moonshiners, immigrant railroad workers and early settlers, the swamp people have inherited a legacy of self-reliance and anti-establishment values that make them true American originals, hidden from the view of the mainstream. As a new alligator-hunting season begins, these individuals once again set out to make a living and preserve their way of life. Through all telecasts in Season 9, “Swamp People” reached 53.0 million total viewers in Live +3 delivery.

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