Felices Los 6 Premiere Date For Max Series

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Felices Los 6 Premiere Date/Status

Felices Los 6 SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On HBO Max

Felices Los 6 Season 1 ReleaseMay 2, 2024

About Felices Los 6 TV Series

tells the love story between Damián and Carolina. He falls in love with her instantly and imagines her as the mother of her future children. She doesn't... and she enjoys her freedom living with Pato, Trinidad, Lautaro and Gonzalo, with whom she maintains polyamorous relationships. Damián doesn't know how to react: he was looking for her better half and discovered a fruit salad. Carolina is going to face feelings that she thought she had overcome: jealousy. Both must challenge their worlds and overcome their crises to choose each other. Prejudices, fears, fantasies and a lot of confusion. This time happiness, instead of being between two, must be between six.


First episode date: May 2, 2024
Network: Max
Show type: Drama

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