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Fake Profile Premiere Date

Fake Profile Premiere Date/Status

Fake Profile SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On Netflix

Fake Profile Season 1 ReleaseMay 31, 2023

About Fake Profile TV Series

Camila opens a sexy profile on a dating app and finds the man of her dreams: a man, the gorgeous one named Fernando. She soon discovers that he is not single and he is not Fernando either. Camila falls into a trap and everything turns into a nightmare. Ready to do anything to find out who the man she met really is, the young woman is determined to identify the infidel and make him pay one by one for each lie he told her and each promise he made, unaware that she is entering an intricate maze of deceiving appearances, forbidden sex and powers that kill.

Camila meets her prince charming through a dating app. After an idyllic romance, she makes plans to surprise him, but she ends up trapped in paradise.


First episode date: May 31, 2023
Network: Netflix
Show type: Drama, Thriller

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