County Rescue Premiere Date For Great American Family Medical Drama

Country Rescue

County Rescue Premiere Date/Status

County Rescue SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On GAF

County Rescue Season 1 ReleaseFebruary 26, 2024

About County Rescue TV Series

This ation-adventure medical drama follows Dani (Julia Reilly) and other EMTs in training who are courageous, everyday heroes. But with only one opening for three trainees, Dani’s faith in herself is tested each and every call. Dani believes her calling is to save lives. Now, she has to prove it.

The series also stars Stacey Patino, Percy Bell, Tim Perez-Ross, Riley Hough, Keller Fornes, Angel Luis, Kristin Wollett, and Brett Varvel.


First episode date: February 17, 2024
Network: Great American Country
Show type: Action, Adventure, Drama, Medical

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