Deb’s House Premiere Date For ALLBLK Competition Reality Series

Deb’s House Premiere Date/Status

Deb’s House SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On ALLBLK

Deb’s House Season 1 ReleaseJune 14, 2024

About Deb’s House TV Series

Armed with 25 years of industry wisdom, famed music mogul Deb Antney is on a mission to uncover and shape the future of female rap talent. After identifying eight up-and-coming artists, the ladies move into Deb's House, competing to become her next rap protégé. Beyond seeking exceptional lyricism, Ms. Deb is seeking women with unwavering dedication and the willingness to make sacrifices on the road to hip-hop stardom. Completely stripped down to their raw potential, the competition unfolds as a fierce test of sisterhood, resilience, and talent, where only the most tenacious can be crowned as Ms. Deb's "chosen one." Who will shoot to the top of the charts and who will crumble under the pressure?


First episode date: June 14, 2024
Network: ALLBLK
Show type: Competition, Reality

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