When Sharks Attack 360 – Premiere Date For Nat Geo Channel Series

When Sharks Attack 360

When Sharks Attack 360 Premiere Date/Status

When Sharks Attack 360 SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On Nat Geo

When Sharks Attack 360 Season 1 ReleaseJuly 3, 2023

About When Sharks Attack 360 TV Series

Hundreds of great white sharks have recently appeared on the doorstep of one of America's most popular tourist destinations, hunting in ways never documented before. To understand why the sharks are here and what this means for Cape Cod, a team of scientists are studying this new phenomenon to try to keep people safe. Are the sharks changing the natural ecosystem ... or restoring it?


First episode date: July 3, 2023
Network: National Geographic Channel
Show type: Docu-series

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