The Lesson Is Murder Premiere Date – Hulu 2023 (Season 1)

The Lesson Is Murder

The Lesson Is Murder Premiere Date/Status

The Lesson Is Murder SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On Hulu

The Lesson Is Murder Season 1 ReleaseMarch 23, 2023

About The Lesson Is Murder TV Series

"The Lesson Is Murder" follows psychological criminologist and ex-FBI special agent Dr. Bryanna Fox and her class of graduate students as they study convicted murderers, evaluating their personality traits and developing psychological profiles. In each episode, they interview witnesses, police, families of victims, and the murderer, analyzing violent serial offenders and probing their minds to understand why does a killer kill?


First episode date: March 23, 2023
Network: Hulu
Show type: Docu-series, True Crime

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