Supermarket Stakeout Season 6 Premiere Date On Food Network

Supermarket Stakeout

Supermarket Stakeout Premiere Date/Status

Supermarket Stakeout SEASON 6 Renewed On Food Network

Supermarket Stakeout Season 6 ReleaseMay 1, 2024

About Supermarket Stakeout TV Series

Food Network's hit series where the action starts as customers exit the aisles, is back with a brand-new season this spring that includes an all-star four-part Judges' Tournament. In each episode hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli, chefs square off in three themed cooking rounds outside a real-life supermarket in a parking lot pop-up kitchen that has everything but a pantry. To secure ingredients, competitors must be strategic and persuasive with a $500 budget to negotiate items out of exiting customers' carts. Each week a rotating panel of judges determine which chef made the most successful dishes and is awarded enough cash for a year's worth of groceries.


First episode date: August 20, 2019
Network: Food Network
Show type: Competition, Food, Reality

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