Relative Race Season 10 Release Date? BYUtv Renewal & Premiere 2023

Relative Race Season 10 release date 2022/2023? Relative Race TV series cancelled or renewed for Season 10 on BYUtv? When does BYUtv show Relative Race Season 10 premiere? We have all the rumors and official announcements for Relative Race Season 10 premiere date.

Has Relative Race Season 10 been cancelled or renewed? When does Relative Race return in 2022/2023? Relative Race? We have the very latest Relative Race cancel/renewal status and Relative Race premiere date:


Relative Race Premiere Date/Status

Relative Race SEASON 10 Renewed On BYUtv

Relative Race Season 10 ReleaseSeptember 18, 2022

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Relative Race TV Series Information

Relative Race" Season 10 Bring Family History to Life on BYUtv This Fall

Immigrants introduce home countries to their children in "How I Got Here"; contestants search for their birth families in "Relative Race"

PROVO, Utah , July 28, 2022 -- BYUtv, a family entertainment network available over cable, satellite and free streaming, will showcase two family history-based reality shows this fall with brand-new immigrant legacy series "How I Got Here" on Oct. 2 at 6 p.m ET/4 p.m. MT/3 p.m. PT and the landmark 10th season of fan-favorite competition "Relative Race" on Sept. 18 at 9 p.m. ET/7 p.m. MT/6 p.m. PT. All aired episodes of both series will be available to stream for free on the BYUtv app and at

"By telling origin stories about immigration and adoption, 'How I Got Here' and 'Relative Race' are focused on helping families learn more about who they are and come closer than ever before," said Andra Johnson Duke, head of content at BYUtv. "Both series feature 10 days of discovery as they explore the importance of strengthening our family relationships, whether to reconnect with a culture, gain greater appreciation for a loved one's sacrifices, meet unknown relatives or even win a high-stakes competition. Anyone watching these shows can feel inspired to get back to their roots, and in turn connect with their family, community and history."

"How I Got Here" is a fast-paced travel show in which young adults accompany their immigrant parents back to their country of origin on a 10-day trip of a lifetime. Each episode tells the moving story of a parent-child duo's journey all while enjoying the picturesque views, local cuisine and cultural impact of locales ranging from Israel and Chile to Italy and Zambia. They each relive the sacrifice, struggle and dramatic circumstances that led their families up to this point and experience the confidence and connection that comes from tapping into their roots. "How I Got Here" is produced by Forté Entertainment and BYUtv.

The latest season of enduring fan-favorite "Relative Race" brings back the family competition with unique twists. "Relative Race" follows four teams on a 10-day journey throughout the United States as they complete challenges, discover unknown relatives identified through DNA testing and compete for a $50,000 grand prize. For the first time in the show's history, two of the teams are comprised of individuals who have never met and are each searching for their own family members, leading to exciting and emotional discoveries throughout the season. Another first for the series is a daily fan-voted photo contest that decided which team had five minutes taken off their total time for the day. "Relative Race" is produced by Lenzworks and BYUtv.


Rounding out the night is season nine of "Relative Race," the first family-history based competitive reality show, which follows four teams as they meet relatives linked by DNA for the first time in a race throughout the United States.


In this race unlike any other, four teams take a 10-day journey across the country to discover new relatives and compete for a $50,000 grand prize. Using the contestant's DNA as a road map, this first-of-its-kind, genealogy-based reality show is all about meeting family, completing challenges, and racing against the clock!



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