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Pretty Hard Cases Premiere Date/Status

Pretty Hard Cases SEASON 3 Renewed On Freevee

Pretty Hard Cases Season 3 ReleaseNovember 29, 2023

About Pretty Hard Cases TV Series

In the second season, female detectives Samantha Wazowski (Meredith MacNeill, Baroness Von Sketch Show) and Kelly Duff (Adrienne C. Moore, Orange Is the New Black) are back and in brand new territory, both at work and in their personal lives. As official partners in the Guns & Gangs Unit, Sam and Kelly have never been better at blending their different skills to get the job done - whether they're solving a crime in the community or tackling systemic corruption within the force. Season Two of Pretty Hard Cases premieres Friday, April 22 on IMDb TV, Amazon's premium free streaming service.

At home, Sam and Kelly are trying to leave their baggage behind. Facing an empty nest, Sam finally has the time to focus on her love life as she pursues a relationship with Naz. But with her mother's unexpected return home, can Sam overcome her insecurities long enough to let Naz in? Meanwhile, as Kelly is thinking about what she wants her future to look like, she's caught off guard when an ex she has conflicting feelings about comes back into her life. Will this reunion be the push she needs to finally overcome her trust issues? At work, Sam and Kelly find themselves up against a new-age gang that doesn't operate by the same old rules, leaving Sam and Kelly to put their lives on the line as they attempt the riskiest takedown of their careers.

The final season finds detectives Wazowski and Duff finally reuniting as partners in Guns and Gangs after eight long months apart. Although their personal and professional relationships have never been stronger, they will need to work as hard as they can to prove to their new and exacting unit commander that they are worthy of their department's top cases. Wazowski and Duff find themselves navigating big changes in their personal lives: Wazowski revisits a past romance, while Duff is taking the next step in her relationship. But when a deadly new synthetic drug appears all over Toronto, they must risk their lives, as they fight to take down a dangerous gang and stop the drug at its source.


First episode date: September 21, 2023
Network: CBC, Freevee
Show type: Comedy, Crime, Drama

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