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Naked and Afraid XL SEASON 9 Renewed On Discovery

Naked and Afraid XL Season 9 ReleaseMay 12, 2024

About Naked and Afraid XL TV Series

This season, the survivalists will take on Naked and Afraid XL's Proving Grounds and test their mettle by taking on the most extreme challenge, with an unexpected twist. Not only will they endure blood-sucking mosquitos, ants and ticks, disease carrying parasites, as well as stalking jaguars and a territorial six-foot caiman, but they must now also trek 40 miles across six unique terrains to reach the end of the challenge. Scorching triple digit temperatures and violent electrical storms that dump up to six inches of rain in a single night will push them to their limits as they strive to become the next wave of Naked and Afraid legends.

The survivalists taking on the Proving Grounds include:

· Adam Kavanagh (Queensland, AU)

· Andrew Shayde (Lexington, KY)

· Chris Wells (Alberta, CA)

· Cole Wilks (Bertram, TX)

· Heather Smith (Brookeland, TX)

· Kaiela Hobart (Lakewood, WA)

· Lynsey McCarver (Pinehurst, ID)

· Malorie Romero (San Antonio, TX)

· Shell Armogida (Mims, FL)

· Nathan Martinez (Padre Island, TX)

· Sam Mouzer (Quarry Bank, UK)

· Terra Short (Mobile, AL)


First episode date: July 12, 2015
Network: Discovery Channel
Show type: Reality, Wilderness

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