Mittens & Pants Premiere Date On HappyKids

Mittens & Pants

Mittens & Pants Premiere Date/Status

Mittens & Pants SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On HappyKids

Mittens & Pants Season 1 Release β€” November 17, 2023

About Mittens & Pants TV Series

Mittens, the kitten and Pants, the puppy, have amazing adventures in their town of Kibble Corners. This live-action animal series features animals living in a world where houses and vehicles are all their size. From Monsieur LaFleur, the bunny farmer driving his tractor-load of carrots to the giant frog Mayor Sourdough in the town hall, to Fire Chief Grapefruit with his tortoise fire truck, and even DJ Swimfins, the goldfish DJ in her fish tank van.


First episode date: February 6, 2023
Network: CBC, HappyKids, Kidoodle.TV
Show type: Kids Series, Pre-school

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