Last Chance Garage Premiere Date For New MotorTrend Series

Last Chance Garage

Last Chance Garage Premiere Date/Status

Last Chance Garage SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On MotorTrend

Last Chance Garage Season 1 ReleaseMarch 20, 2024

About Last Chance Garage TV Series

This new series featuring Tony D'Antonio and his Philadelphia-area garage, D'Antonio Automotive, embodies the spirit of second chances, igniting the same excitement and heartfelt connections that made "Overhaulin'" a beloved MotorTrend sensation.

Specialty car restoration mistakes are much more common than you'd think, and each episode of Last Chance Garage features a car with a horrifying backstory: multiple shops, years lost, and tens of thousands of dollars in sunk costs. On the flip side of that struggle, audiences will see the customer and learn about their unique - and often deeply personal - connection to their car.

In the show, Tony D'Antonio leads a team of incredibly skilled mechanics who undo the mistakes of other garages by reviving the cars and dreams of their owners. From a 1933 Ford Roadster to a 2021 6x6 Jeep, the season is full of exciting vehicles, and Tony knows what it takes to fix a botched job and make his clients' dream cars a reality once more. When Tony reveals the revival plan to the client, it will be their first moment of hope in a long while. When the client finally lays eyes on their treasured vehicle, it will be a special moment. A happy end to a long journey.


First episode date: March 20, 2024
Network: MotorTrend
Show type: Reality

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