Hop Premiere Date For Max Preschool Series


Hop Premiere Date/Status

Hop SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On HBO Max

Hop Season 1 ReleaseApril 4, 2024

About Hop TV Series

Created by the mind behind the beloved "Arthur" series, "Hop" follows an eclectic group of besties whose comedic adventures teach preschoolers to embrace their own, and others', uniqueness. Led by Hop, an enthusiastic, empathetic frog with one leg shorter than the other, he and his quirky friends address kid-relatable challenges with a healthy dose of laughter, silliness, and adventure. Set in the aspirational community of Fair Village, every episode is grounded in emotional reality but soars into the world of fantasy, populated by dragons, trolls, and talking banjos. With a gentle balance of humor and heart, our heroes promise to captivate audiences with delightful journeys filled with friendship, valuable life lessons and endless possibilities.


First episode date: April 4, 2024
Network: Max
Show type: Animated, Pre-school

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