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🔔Good Grief Season 2 premiere date: August 4, 2022 🔔

Good Grief Premiere Date/Status

Good Grief SEASON 2 Renewed On IFC

Good Grief Season 2 ReleaseAugust 4, 2022

About Good Grief TV Series


Irreverent New Zealand Comedy Premieres Thursday, August 4 as a Binge Release on Sundance Now, Followed by a Two-Episode Broadcast Premiere Wednesday, August 17 on IFC

NEW YORK - July 11, 2022 - AMC Networks' IFC and the targeted streaming service Sundance Now announced that Season 2 of the irreverent kiwi comedy Good Grief will make its U.S., Canadian and U.K. premiere on Thursday, August 4 as binge release on Sundance Now, followed by its North American two-episode broadcast premiere on IFC beginning Wednesday, August 17.

Co-created, co-written and starring sisters Eve and Grace Palmer along with co-creator/co-writer Nick Schaedel, the six-episode comedy series is set in small New Zealand town and follows two millennial sisters with very different personalities who inherit a funeral home from their grandfather.

Since inheriting the Loving Tributes funeral home in Season 1, Ellie (Eve Palmer) and Gwen Goode (Grace Palmer, Adrift) have set off on very different paths. Ellie embraces her inner 'girlboss', with all the ill-fitting pantsuits, amateur TV ads, and plumber liaisons that entails. Meanwhile, Gwen spends five months DJing in Bali and reappears unexpectedly in New Zealand to discover their mother has a new boyfriend and she's been kicked out of the family home. Gwen moves in with Ellie, takes up the job of social marketing for Loving Tributes, and embarks on a childish prank war against their mother's new partner. As family tensions escalate at work and at home, Ellie must decide whether to intervene, or let Gwen grow up all by herself.

Good Grief, Season 2 is directed by Kiel McNaughton (The Legend of Baron To'a, My Life is Murder), produced by Angela Cudd (I Am Waru) and Kerry Warkia (Vai, Waru).


Episode One - "Don't Worry, Be Happy" - PREMIERES AUGUST 17 AT 11pm on IFC

Ellie's attempt to rebrand herself and Loving Tributes receives some pushback from new co-owner Dean. Beau has picked up other work, and Sharyn enjoys a hamper.

Episode Two - "Play Nice"- PREMIERES AUGUST 17 AT 11pm

Gwen is forced to stay at Ellie's house after being kicked out of home by their mum. Dean offers a discount to some clients, Beau freestyles, and Sharyn looks like Margot Robbie.

Episode Three - "Tragedy Plus Time"- PREMIERES AUGUST 24 AT 11pm

Gwen pranks Maia's new boyfriend, while a stressed Ellie tries to convince Dean she will fall in line. Beau does some life modeling, and Sharyn recommends a plumber.

Episode Four - "Hot Water"- PREMIERES AUGUST 31 AT 11pm

Gwen and Beau have an early morning call-out, and Ellie feels guilty about her outburst. The staff film a TV commercial, to Dean's delight, and Sharyn hosts a 'Spa-BQ'.

Episode Five - "Empty Nest"- PREMIERES SEPTEMBER 7 AT 11pm

Ellie and Kobe get to work in the bathroom, Gwen helps a client plan a funeral, and Beau offers life advice. Dean eats a pikelet. Sharyn has a new robot.

Episode Six - "Hearth and Home"- PREMIERES SEPTEMBER 7 AT 11pm

Ellie steps up to emcee a funeral on Dean's behalf. Gwen and Stu hash out their differences. Sharyn tries yum cha, Beau launches a new venture, and Bradley finally delivers.


Unsure what to do with their newly-obtained funeral home - or the oddball staff that keep the place running - Ellie and Gwen Goode (Eve and Grace Palmer) are thrust into a world of embalming, emceeing, and embarrassment. Recently fired from her teaching career, Ellie starts to warm to the job, but all Gwen wants to do is go DJ in Bali. By staring death in the face every day, Ellie and Gwen begin to confront the realities of their own life, and what they want to make of it. Good Grief finds light in the darkness, weaving both the comedy and tragedy of life into a rich emotional tapestry.


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