Ghost Adventures: House Calls Season 2 – Discovery Channel Premiere Date

Ghost Adventures: House Calls

Ghost Adventures: House Calls Premiere Date/Status

Ghost Adventures: House Calls SEASON 2 Renewed On Discovery

Ghost Adventures: House Calls Season 2 ReleaseApril 3, 2024

About Ghost Adventures: House Calls TV Series

For the distraught homeowners this season, Bagans and the team are their last hope in putting a halt to the overwhelming ghostly activity upending their lives.

In each episode, Bagans closely examines each family's haunted account and reviews any evidence they have captured in their home before dispatching Goodwin, Tolley and Wasley on a personal house call to investigate. Once on the property, the team conducts eyewitness interviews and a thorough dusk-to-dawn "lockdown" to get to the bottom of each paranormal emergency. Overseeing the crew from headquarters, Bagans provides unique insight and direction from his vantage point. After reviewing all evidence, he then shares the team's findings with the homeowners, offering much-needed advice and resolution to help restore peace to their lives.


First episode date: May 19, 2022
Network: Discovery Channel
Show type: Paranormal, Reality

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