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Deadliest Catch Premiere Date/Status

Deadliest Catch SEASON 20 Renewed On Discovery

Deadliest Catch Season 20 ReleaseJune 11, 2024

About Deadliest Catch TV Series

The lucrative Red King Crab fishery has finally reopened in Alaska, igniting the first derby-style race in decades. Forced to obtain their crab hauls in a highly competitive timeframe, veteran and rookie captains are thrust into cutthroat rivalries that will push each crabber to their limit. Meanwhile, the crab grounds become more perilous than ever as a rare super El Niño weather pattern intensifies winter storms, serving as a grim reminder to why Alaska crab fishing is known as the Deadliest Catch.


First episode date: April 12, 2012
Network: Discovery Channel
Show type: Fishing, Reality

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