Buried in the Backyard Season 5 Premiere Date On Oxygen

Buried in the Backyard

Buried in the Backyard Premiere Date/Status

Buried in the Backyard SEASON 5 Renewed On Oxygen

Buried in the Backyard Season 5 ReleaseJuly 1, 2023

About Buried in the Backyard TV Series

Buried in the Backyard" unearths stories of homicide victims left hidden underground in idyllic places where their unsuspected killers never anticipated discovery. Lush backyards, warm sandy beaches, forests that awe nature lovers and picturesque winter wonderlands are often seen as safe havens to be enjoyed by all. However, there are times these pleasant spaces harbor horrific secrets lurking just below the surface.


First episode date: June 3, 2018
Network: Oxygen
Show type: Docu-series, Reality, True Crime

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