Barons Season 1: The CW Premiere Date Announced

Barons Premiere Date/Status

Barons SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On The CW

Barons Season 1 ReleaseMay 29, 2023

About Barons TV Series

Barons set at a time of sexual liberation, social disruption, protest and war. The eight-part series captures a unique moment of upheaval and opportunity as a new surfing counterculture collides with the realities of enterprise. Two best friends, inspired by their love for the Australian beach, create what will become rival iconic surf brands. Little do they know that their success will tear them—and their worlds—apart. When their businesses go mainstream, the young rebels and their friends find themselves pulled deep into a world of corporate politics, jealousy, homophobia and racial tension. In selling their dream to the world, they create bitter, lasting rivalries.


First episode date: April 24, 2022
Network: ABC TV Australia, The CW
Show type: Drama

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