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Alone: The Skills Challenge SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On History

Alone: The Skills Challenge Season 1 ReleaseAugust 4, 2022

About Alone: The Skills Challenge TV Series

The HISTORY(R) Channel expands the footprint of its popular survival series "Alone" with two new series extensions from Leftfield Pictures, "Alone: The Skills Challenge" where three former 'Alone' participants compete head-to-head in creative build challenges devised by one of their peers, and "Alone: Frozen" where six of the strongest participants from past seasons of 'Alone' will begin their survival journeys just as the fierce North Atlantic Winter is about to begin in Labrador, Canada for a chance to win their share of the $500,000 prize. Twelve episode series "Alone: The Skills Challenge" premieres on Thursday, August 4 at 10:30PM ET/PT before moving to its regular timeslot of Thursdays at 10PM ET/PT and eight-episode series "Alone: Frozen" premieres on Thursday, August 11 at 9PM ET/PT. Additionally, new one-hour special "Alone: Frozen Before The Freeze" premieres on Tuesday, July 28 at 10:30PM ET/PT and will give an inside look at new series "Alone: Frozen" and reintroduce the six 'Alone' veteran participants undertaking this extreme challenge.

Each episode of "Alone: The Skills Challenge" will feature three former participants from 'Alone' competing in survival build challenges devised by another former participant. Using only basic tools and the natural resources around them, only one survivalist will be deemed the winner, proving they have the skills needed to thrive in the wilderness. Competitors will be judged on their ingenuity, execution, and completion of each task. From elevated shelters to hand-crafted ovens to watercraft, each episode is self-filmed by the survivalists and will feature some of the most impressive builds ever seen. Returning survivalists of "Alone: The Skills Challenge" include Callie North (season three), Lucas Miller (season one), Amós Rodriguez (season seven), Britt Ahart (seasons three and five), Jordan Jonas (season six), Joel Van Der Loon (season seven) and Clay Hayes (season eight).


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