When Does Unearthed: Seven Wonders Season 1 Release? Science Channel Premiere Date

Unearthed: Seven Wonders Season 1 release date 2021/2022? Unearthed: Seven Wonders TV series cancelled or renewed for Season 1 on Science Channel? When does Science Channel show Unearthed: Seven Wonders Season 1 premiere? We have all the rumors and official announcements for Unearthed: Seven Wonders Season 1 premiere date.

Has Unearthed: Seven Wonders Season 1 been cancelled or renewed? When does Unearthed: Seven Wonders return in 2021/2022? Unearthed: Seven Wonders? We have the very latest Unearthed: Seven Wonders cancel/renewal status and Unearthed: Seven Wonders premiere date:

Unearthed: Seven Wonders Premiere Date/Status

Unearthed: Seven Wonders SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On Science Channel

Unearthed: Seven Wonders Season 1 ReleaseJuly 5, 2020

Unearthed: Seven Wonders TV Series Information


(LOS ANGELES) - What does it take to create the iconic modern-day wonders of the world? The all-new series UNEARTHED: SEVEN WONDERS, premiering Sunday, July 5 at 8 PM ET/PT on the Science Channel sets out to investigate some of the world's most epic monuments and engineering feats to build them.

In the first episode, airing over Independence Day weekend, viewers will get an inside look at the incredible engineering behind America's most notable structures including the Washington Monument, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, Mount Rushmore and others. These are some of the most impressive monuments in the United States - matching the engineering feats of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Combining recent ground-breaking discoveries along with cutting-edge CGI technology, UNEARTHED: 7 WONDERS will look at how the world's most notable structures define national identity and the engineering techniques used to create them. Upcoming episodes will look at the engineering marvels of Egypt, the lost civilizations of the Americas, ancient Rome and other spectacular locations and monuments around the world.

Today, investigators are decoding the hidden mysteries of these world-famous structures and exploring how engineers overcome the incredible challenges of building bigger than ever before. Each week, the series will cross continents and millennia to explore the mega-structures, old and new, deserving of this ultimate accolade.

UNEARTHED: SEVEN WONDERS is produced for Science Channel by Windfall Films. For Windfall Films, John Fothergill and Carlo Massarella are the Executive Producers. For Science Channel, Neil Laird is Executive Producer and Andrew Lessner is Producer.

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