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Tokyo Swindlers

πŸ””Tokyo Swindlers Season 1 premiere date: July 25, 2024 πŸ””

Tokyo Swindlers Premiere Date/Status

Tokyo Swindlers SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On Netflix

Tokyo Swindlers Season 1 Release β€” July 25, 2024

Countdown with us to the Tokyo Swindlers premiere date on Netflix 


About Tokyo Swindlers TV Series

Real estate prices in Tokyo have once again begun to skyrocket. Takumi Tsujimoto (Go Ayano) meets Harrison Yamanaka (Etsushi Toyokawa), the leader of a notorious group of real estate swindlers. Along with informer Takeshita (Kazuki Kitamura), impostor recruiter Reiko (Eiko Koike), and legal advisor Goto (Pierre Taki), Takumi helps carry out real estate fraud as a negotiator. Their next target is the biggest yet: a 10 billion yen real estate scam. While the swindlers engage in a clever back-and-forth with land owners and major developers who are desperate to repurpose land, the police relentlessly pursue them. Meanwhile, both Takumi's past and Harrison's immoral methods are revealed gradually. The con artists take massive risks to make fraudulent deals as the police chase them. Can they pull off their 10 billion yen scheme?


First episode date: July 25, 2024
Network: Netflix
Show type: Crime, Drama
Status: Premiere Date Set 

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