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Season 2 premieres Monday, October 11 on Netflix

Quote from Rachel Shukert, Executive Producer & Series Creator: "In Season 2, we really get to see a maturation of the club, and of the girls. There are two new members, they're all a year older and have more experience running a business, deeper friendships and are growing into a deeper understanding of themselves as people. We also wanted to continue exploring themes that allow all young viewers to see themselves represented on screen, while also dealing obliquely with many of the things we've all been through in the past year: loss, change, responsibility, and trying to find joy and meaning in unexpected places. I'm so excited for everyone to be back in Stoneybrook and back in business!"


Based on the best-selling book series by Ann M. Martin, The Baby-Sitters Club is a contemporary dramedy that follows the friendship and adventures of seven friends as they start their own babysitting business in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. As demand for their club continues to grow, founders Kristy Thomas, Mary-Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, and Dawn Schafer have now welcomed Mallory Pike and Jessi Ramsey to their ranks. With the new school year comes booming business, new relationships, personal journeys, and important lessons, but through it all the club is there for each other every step of the way.


· Series created by: Rachel Shukert

· Based on the series of novels by: Ann M. Martin

· Showrunner/EP: Rachel Shukert

· Producers: Lucia Aniello (EP), Michael De Luca (EP), Lucy Kitada (EP), Sascha Rothchild (EP); Walden Media's Naia Cucukov (EP), Ben Forrer (EP), and Frank Smith (EP); and Ann M. Martin (Producer and author of the The Baby-Sitters Club book series)

· Starring: Sophie Grace (Kristy Thomas), Malia Baker (Mary Anne Spier), Momona Tamada (Claudia Kishi), Shay Rudolph (Stacey McGill), Kyndra Sanchez (Dawn Schafer), Vivian Watson (Mallory Pike), Anais Lee (Jessi Ramsey), Alicia Silverstone (Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer), Mark Feuerstein (Watson Brewer), Marc Evan Jackson (Richard Spier)

· Studio/Production Company: Walden Media

· Format: 8 x 30 minute episodes, Single-Camera (Live Action)

· Filmed in: Vancouver, Canada


Say hello to your friends! The Baby-Sitters Club is getting a Season 2!

Season 1 is now streaming, only on Netflix.


You can always count on me and I can count on you

Good times, bad times, in between


We'll be sharing wonderful times every day

All together singing our song, growing in every way!

Say hello to your friends (Baby-Sitters Club!)

Say hello to the people who care

Nothing's better than friends (Baby-Sitters Club!)

'Cause you know that your friends are always there.

If I'm feeling down and out, if I'm feeling blue

I know I can lean on you, my friends will see me through

We're growing up together, never to part

I'm sending you my love straight from the heart!

Say hello to your friends (Baby-Sitters Club!)

Say hello to the people who care

Nothing's better than friends (Baby-Sitters Club!)

'Cause you know that your friends are always there.


Every generation has a calling -- and on July 3, Netflix answers yours with The Baby-Sitters Club, a brand new series based on the best-selling book series by the same name!

The new show follows the friendships and adventures of Kristy Thomas (Sophie Grace), Mary-Anne Spier (Malia Baker), Claudia Kishi (Momona Tamada), Stacey McGill (Shay Rudolph), and Dawn Schafer (Xochitl Gomez) as they start their babysitting business and all while navigating middle school and growing up.


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