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Queens SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On Nat Geo

Queens Season 1 ReleaseMarch 4, 2024

About Queens TV Series

The wildest places on the planet have always been home to powerful leaders, but this a story of a new hero - fierce, smart, resilient and ... female. Queens features matriarchies and female leaders around the world to tell a story of sacrifice and resilience but also of friendship and love. These Queens aren't always kind or gentle, letting nothing come between them and the success and safety of their families. Guided by award-winning actress Angela Bassett's powerful narration, Queens brings the natural world into focus through the female lens for the very first time. Four years in the making and helmed by a female-led production team from around the world - groundbreaking in the natural history space - the seven-part series leverages cutting-edge technology to reveal surprising insights into how females in the natural world rise to power, often relying on cooperation and wisdom over brute strength to get ahead. The final episode of the series celebrates the women who have gone to the ends of the Earth and dedicated their lives to documenting and protecting animal queens. We don't call her Mother Nature for nothing. All hail ... the Queens.


First episode date: March 4, 2024
Network: National Geographic Channel
Show type: Docu-series

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