My Life With The Walter Boys Season 2 Release Date – Netflix Renewal

My Life with the Walter Boys

My Life With The Walter Boys Premiere Date/Status

My Life With The Walter Boys SEASON 2 Renewed On Netflix

My Life With The Walter Boys Season 2 release date – 2024

About My Life With The Walter Boys TV Series

A heartwarming coming of age story that follows fifteen-year-old Manhattanite Jackie Howard after losing her family in a tragic accident. Jackie leaves behind her privileged and proper life in New York and moves to rural Colorado to be with her guardian - her mother's best friend, Katherine, who is raising ten kids with her husband, George. While settling into her new, chaotic countryside home, Jackie is determined to stay focused on her dream of getting into Princeton... all while wrapping her head around her feelings for two very different Walter brothers: the reliable and bookish Alex, and the mysterious and troubled Cole. As Jackie tries to navigate her new life, the feelings and tensions she tries to deny threaten to throw everything off course. Will she be able to stay true to herself and still find romance?


First episode date: December 7, 2023
Network: Netflix
Show type: Drama, Romance, YA

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