Mountain Men Season 11 Release Date? When Will History TV Show Return?

Mountain Men Season 8 Release Date (Renewed)

Mountain Men Season 11 release date 2022/2023? Mountain Men TV series cancelled or renewed for Season 11 on History? When does History show Mountain Men Season 11 premiere? We have all the rumors and official announcements for Mountain Men Season 11 premiere date.

Has Mountain Men Season 11 been cancelled or renewed? When does Mountain Men return in 2022/2023? Mountain Men? We have the very latest Mountain Men cancel/renewal status and Mountain Men premiere date:


Mountain Men Premiere Date/Status

Mountain Men SEASON 11 Renewed On History

Mountain Men Season 11 ReleaseSeptember 1, 2022

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Mountain Men TV Series Information

The new season of Mountain Men continues to follow the real-life challenges of six men who are living off the grid and off the land. Far away from civilization, using survival skills and sheer cunning to stay fed, clothed and alive, the Mountain Men are recovering from the aftermath of the most brutal winter in decades that saw a bitter polar vortex bring record-breaking Arctic temperatures from coast to coast.

This season, Marty, Tom, Eustace, Rich, Kyle and new mountain man Morgan, are preparing early for another long and brutal winter. If they are to survive the chaos and unpredictability of nature, they will have to adapt or die.

In Alaska, Marty returns to the Revelation Mountains to put down roots with a new trapline. This time, his family is coming along for the ride, as long as he can finish building the cabin in time. In Montana, a new threat deals an early blow to veteran mountain man Tom, who is left to pick up the pieces as winter sets in and the rules of nature he’s come to rely on get upended. Rich finds himself battling a full-scale predator invasion in Montana’s Ruby Valley as he tries to keep the area’s livestock safe. In the Blue Ridge Mountains, Eustace takes a gamble on a new opportunity wrestling 100-foot-tall trees that he hopes will jumpstart his lumber business. Meanwhile, in New Mexico’s rugged Cimarron, Kyle works to secure a legacy to pass on to his son, Ben. And in Alaska’s rugged heart, new mountain man Morgan attempts the most epic trek of his life, a nearly 300-mile journey across the Great Alaska Range to claim his own piece of the last frontier.



25 thoughts on “Mountain Men Season 11 Release Date? When Will History TV Show Return?”

  1. I love the show. I sure hope it comes back . Tom is one of the smartest men I know he can do anything and I admire all of the people in it. Please bring back Mountain Men, it is very educational.

    1. We Love Mountain Men ,This show is real life, its a real life Love for nature ,men and women willing to do what all of us should experience, wildlife, nature great outdoors , away of life few will ever experience. Please keep this show going forward for along time .
      Thanks ,So much .
      David. Gloria Troesch

    2. Dominick Lombardo

      Tom is a very unique individual, all the years he spent rodeoing,and still very able to teach us remarkable skills,our pioneer brothers and sisters needed to know to survive….

  2. Madeleine Payette

    I just love that show. When I watch it, I feel I’m a part of their lives. I find everybody in this show very special in their own way. It must come back. I’m hoping and praying that they will continue to feed us with their arts and culture. Thank you , thank you.

    1. I love The Mountain Men. It’s the only decent show on TV that the whole family can watch and that’s rare find these days.

  3. Dominick Lombardo

    Please bring back mountain men,and maybe include a question and answer segment,at the end of each episode….pick a different “star”,each episode….Great Show,just what the country needs,to get their minds off politics,and teaches us about our past frontier ancestors….thank you..

    1. I have been watching Mountain Men for many years. I live all of them, especially Eustas Conway. It broke my heart when his very best friend Preston passed. Such a shock. Don’t ever stop this program!!

  4. Please bring back mountain men. Our favorite show on TV. It is very educational teaches children a lot about the great outdoors.A great history channel for adults and children.

  5. Mary Patricia Liptay Bradbury

    Please bring Mountain men back! My husband is not a very happy trapper if he can’t watch new episodes – he’s probably watched each episode at least 12 times!

  6. Yes, please bring the mountain men back. Only decent show left on tv to watch and very educational for us that love the outdoors.

  7. Love Mountain Men it’s the best show on. I don’t know why it’s taking so long to renew. If it’s ratings have an episode about all the mountain men that’s been on the show. I know people would like updates on former mountain men that was on the show.

  8. My dog, Tommy, is waiting for his favorite show to come back!! He loves watching the
    hounds chase the mountain lions!! It’s a great show. We haven’t missed an episode..

  9. Please keep Mountain Men going. It’s real people living ordinary lives. Sure there are some parts squeamish people might not like but that’s real life. I would rather watch that than zombies or cops chasing drug dealers.

  10. Carolyn Camper

    Please bring Mountain Men back.My brother and I watch it all the time.We watch all reruns.We love this show.Please bring it back.

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