Mammals Premiere Date For BBC America Natural History Series


🔔Mammals Season 1 premiere date: July 13, 2024 🔔

Mammals Premiere Date/Status

Mammals SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On BBC America

Mammals Season 1 Release — July 13, 2024

About Mammals TV Series

66 million years ago, when the reign of the dinosaurs came to an end, mammals were set free to exploit every corner of the planet. Mammals reveals the strategies, behaviors and traits that lie behind the astonishing success of this remarkable group of animals. Above all, the series celebrates the amazing intelligence that enables mammals to learn, remember, problem-solve, parent, and cooperate.

Over six episodes and a behind-the-scenes special, viewers will get to see how mammals have taken advantage of every major environment on earth. They are found in every ocean, and on every continent, from frozen wildernesses, dense jungles, baking deserts, even the dark depths of the open ocean and the skies above our forests.


First episode date: July 13, 2024
Network: AMC+, BBC America
Show type: Docu-series, Nature
Status: Premiere Date Set 

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