Kid Cosmic Season 3 Release Date? Netflix Renewal & Premiere 2022

Kid Cosmic Season 3 release date 2022/2023? Kid Cosmic TV series cancelled or renewed for Season 3 on Netflix? When does Netflix show Kid Cosmic Season 3 premiere? We have all the rumors and official announcements for Kid Cosmic Season 3 premiere date.

Has Kid Cosmic Season 3 been cancelled or renewed? When does Kid Cosmic return in 2022/2023? Kid Cosmic? We have the very latest Kid Cosmic cancel/renewal status and Kid Cosmic premiere date:


Kid Cosmic Premiere Date/Status

Kid Cosmic SEASON 3 Renewed On Netflix

Kid Cosmic Season 3 ReleaseFebruary 3, 2022


Kid Cosmic TV Series Information

Kid's superhero dreams come true as the Local Heroes become Earth's greatest champions. But is something amiss with this ridiculously awesome adventure? Season 3 of Kid Cosmic is available on Netflix February 3!


In this animated series from the creator of "The Powerpuff Girls," an odd, imaginative boy acquires superpowers after finding five cosmic rings.

Jo learns what it means to be a true leader as the Local Heroes embark on a space adventure to find the remaining Stones of Power and save the galaxy. Season 2 of Kid Cosmic is available on Netflix September 7!



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