Explorer Season 12 Premiere Date On Nat Geo

Explorer Premiere Date/Status

Explorer SEASON 12 Renewed On Nat Geo

Explorer Season 12 ReleaseOctober 26, 2023

About Explorer TV Series

In 2001, satellite imagery captured a mysterious "thermal anomaly" on an unexplored volcano at the ends of the Earth. The hourlong special EXPLORER: LAKE OF FIRE, follows volcanologist and National Geographic Explorer Emma Nicholson and a team of climbers and scientists on an expedition to make the first-ever ascent of Mt. Michael on the remote Saunders Island. The hope is to discover a rare phenomenon known as a "lava lake," a perpetually boiling cauldron of lava that could help unlock the mystery of predicting volcanic eruptions around the world. Conditions at Mt. Michael are so extreme -- including gale force winds, treacherous seas, white outs and toxic volcanic gas -- that no one has been able to reach the top and investigate what's inside ... until now. The audacious expedition is also covered in a feature story in the November issue of National Geographic Magazine.


First episode date: April 7, 1985
Network: National Geographic Channel
Show type: Docu-series

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