Couples Therapy Season 4 Release Date For Showtime Series

Note: Couples Therapy Season 4 streamed first on May 31, 2024 on the Paramount+ with Showtime(R) plan ahead of its on-air Showtime premiere on June 2, 2024.


Couples Therapy Premiere Date/Status

Couples Therapy SEASON 4 Renewed On Showtime

Couples Therapy Season 4 ReleaseJune 2, 2024

About Couples Therapy TV Series

Couples Therapy brings viewers into therapy sessions with Dr. Guralnik, as she deftly guides couples through the conflicts - and extraordinary breakthroughs - typically hidden behind closed doors. In the first installment of season four, Dr. Guralnik uncovers the past secrets and current blowups of four new couples: A polyamorous trio struggles with power dynamics and hidden resentments; newlyweds grapple with religion and sex after severing ties with a disapproving mother; a fiery young couple who can't stop fighting try living together for the sake of their kid; and Orna decides to prolong treatment for a particularly complicated case of a man who dissociates into multiple identities, and can't remember fights with his partner.


First episode date: September 6, 2019
Network: Showtime
Show type: Docu-series

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