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Beyond Skinwalker Ranch

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Premiere Date/Status

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On History

Beyond Skinwalker Ranch Season 1 ReleaseJune 6, 2023

About Beyond Skinwalker Ranch TV Series

Utilizing a team of reputable professionals working alongside "The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch" veterans including ranch owner, Brandon Fugal, Principal Investigator and Chief Scientist, Erik Bard, and Astrophysicist, Engineer and Lead Scientist, Travis Taylor, the series explores other sites of unusual activity and "high strangeness" phenomena in an effort to discover if the activity documented on Skinwalker Ranch is not only real, but pervasive.

While Skinwalker Ranch is a unique place, it is not the only place that has interesting phenomena to be observed. "Beyond Skinwalker Ranch" follows a team of professionals including a former CIA investigator, an award-winning investigative journalist, and others as they study eyewitness accounts, unpack visual evidence, and conduct measurable scientific experiments to investigate locales outside of Skinwalker Ranch including Bradshaw Ranch (Arizona), Bridgewater Triangle (Massachusetts), Rocky Mountain Ranch (Colorado) and more.

From orb detections to numerous UAP sightings, the phenomena studied by the team at each location aims to offer a broader perspective, larger data set, and deeper level of understanding to the team at Skinwalker Ranch.


First episode date: June 6, 2023
Network: History
Show type: Docu-series

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