Are My Friends Killers? Release Date LMN 2022 (Season 1)

Are My Friends Killers?

Are My Friends Killers? Premiere Date/Status

Are My Friends Killers? SEASON 1 Premiere Date Set On LMN

Are My Friends Killers? Season 1 ReleaseSeptember 9, 2022

About Are My Friends Killers? TV Series

Zoey is devastated when she learns her best friend, Lauren, has been found dead of an apparent heart attack. Wanting to keep Lauren's memory alive, her mother, Mrs. Price, offers to place Zoey at the same college Lauren attended, plus cover her tuition. Shocked but grateful, Zoey accepts her offer. When she arrives on campus, Zoey meets Samantha and David, who invite her to join "The Select," an elite campus club where they're members. Checking in on Zoey, Mrs. Price reveals her suspicions that The Select killed Lauren and asks Zoey to investigate them. Unwilling to believe her new friends are capable of such a thing, Zoey reluctantly agrees to investigate the club. But could digging into The Select's history put Zoey in danger? Jalina Brown, Cami Storm, Shaylaren Hilton, Jackie Kay, and Jennifer Dorogi star (2022).


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